Truck Driver Faces Citations in Lackawanna County

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TAYLOR -- The driver of a tractor trailer is facing citations after an incident Friday night.

The top of the truck was peeled off when the driver tried to drive beneath the railroad overpass along Oak Street in Lackawanna County.

The truck that was carrying ketchup had to be unloaded onto another truck before the trailer could be moved.

The street was closed for a few hours while the mess was cleaned up.


  • Bradley

    Why don’t we just put a big sign there so it’s clear to truck drivers who obviously don’t get the point that THEY CAN’T GO UNDER

  • AndyK

    What gets me is this bridge is NOT clearly marked. Night driving it is almost impossible to see.Is anyone aware how many drivers hit this bridge per year? Check into it. Also check into the revenue the officials collect from the drivers who hit said bridge. That is another story on its own. CHA CHING

    • Michael M

      I drive under that overpass ever day. It is very clearly marked and easy to read. Truck drivers are supposed to read signs, if they don’t, they deserve the fine.

  • Ted Schmidt

    How doews this happen? One of the most basic thing a driver needs to know is the dimensions of his trailer. Most are 13 feet or over, that bridge is posted for 11′ 3″.and is VERY clearly posted.

  • bobc74

    Photos like that really make you wonder how safe are these trailers driving on the interstates at 75 MPH.

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