Snow Stretching Ski Season

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Many of you may be wishing for warmer temperatures.

But one group is very thankful for the chilly weather and wants it to keep going, because for them it means more business.

Camelback Mountain Ski Resort in Tannersville is still bringing in the skiers and snowboarders.

And mother nature is to thank.

"It's amazing, it's amazing," said Nestor Barradas of New Jersey.

"I remember last year they closed around this time, which is pretty exciting for me because it means a couple more trips," said Caleb Borsos of New Jersey.

A couple more trips down Camelback Mountain is exactly what officials at the ski resort are glad to see.

Usually, the mountain closes in early April, but they're hoping the snow sticks around for a few weeks beyond that.

"We've actually made snow in March in the years past.  We haven't had to do that this year. We haven't had to make snow since the beginning of February," said Brian Bossuyt of Camelback Mountain Ski Resort.

At Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, most of the snow you see on the mountain is all thanks to mother nature.

In fact, the ski resort hasn't had to use their snow making machines since January.

"Usually by this year you have a high-in-the-sky sun and we start to lose base. We haven't in the last few weeks. It looks like it's going to last into late March with cold temperatures," said Jim Tust of Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

Which means, skiers will be making many more runs down the mountain near Delaware Water Gap.

That includes Rick Eriksen and his friend who came from Long Island to enjoy the skiing at Shawnee.

"It couldn't be better.  Probably be great for the rest of the month, into April," said Eriksen.

"We don't like to shovel it back home. But we like to come out here and ski on it," said Jim Howard of Long Island.

But for Camelback Mountain Ski Resort, while it's fun now, they'll soon be moving the snow to make way for Camelbeach Water Park.

That transition should start early April.

If the weather stays like it's been, some ski trails will still be open.

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