Bloomsburg Police Close to an Arrest in Fight

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Several suspects have been identified after a weekend fight in Bloomsburg left two university students seriously hurt. There is word from the Bloomsburg Police Department that charges will likely be filed before the end of the week.

Police said two Bloomsburg University students were hurt in the fight, including Jackie Lithgow, 19. The young man from the Carlisle area is in a coma. Donald Hoover from Berks County is in fair condition.

Police said the fight happened at an apartment on North Iron Street in Bloomsburg. University officials said it was an invitation-only party for the "Zeta Psi" fraternity. The fight caused a commotion in this neighborhood filled with students.

"It's a little scary that it happened two feet from my house," sophomore Kelly Mason said.

"The balcony that splits the two of our buildings, I was standing out there. It was like 2 a.m. There were like four or five police cars and a couple of ambulances. I saw them take two or three kids out on stretchers," freshman Colby Gregory said.

Bloomsburg University freshman Colby Gregory said one of his friends was at that party.

"I was like, hey man, what's going on down there? He was like, there was a fight down there, a couple of Kutztown football players came and started a big old fight. It was rough. It was real rough," Gregory said.

Both Lithgow and Hoover were taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville where they both remain hospitalized. Lithgow's parents started a blog where they said their son is in a coma.

Jackie Lithgow's parent's set up a blog detailing his progress. They said, his recovery will be a marathon, not a sprint. Police said they are close to making several arrests.

"We're doing real well on the investigation. We anticipate we will be making some arrests in regards to the assaults," Bloomsburg Police Chief Roger Van Loan said.

Again, Bloomsburg police said they expect to charge several people by the end of the week. A spokesperson for Bloomsburg University said if any Bloomsburg students are charged, proper disciplinary action will be taken.


  • Yama

    Our region has seen the DA’s kid involved in a random assault for kicks and gigs of an innocent guy,as his partner in the crime proceeded to assault and rob the guy, necessitating a trip to the ER for his injuries. Now we have two more college football thugs behind bars for their role is attacking people over being turned away from a frat party…the one ki is in a coma for over a week with a traumatic brain injury! 2 more Bloomsburg football stars arrested for stealing from the dorm while visiting someone at IUP! WTF is wrong with this generation of booze guzzling degenerates that have no self-control, empathy or sense of right and wrong??? The same wastes of skin who have random hook up sex, think that Adderall is a study supplement, and that the world owes them something? Wake up Freddie Football Jock, Ghetto-fied NFL wannabees, love-starved party hoes, attention whores, and all-round I am gonna spend 4 years getting wasted for a degree that is useless becasue I have learned nothing in the last 4 years—life is going to smack you in the mouth real soon! And shame on the clueless excuses for parents who have contributed to these useless misfits! For the rest of you young people who actually want to get an education and have your acts together….I am sorry to have to deal with this douchbaggery….and you will have to eventually work with these fools and your children will have to associate with their misfit progeny of these wastes of skin. God bless America and the growing divide between winners and losers. Those with minds so open their brains fell out, stuck in an alternate universe of perpetual juveniledom and helplessness in the face of reality.

    • jbrony

      Just like we should punish the car dealership that sells a car that gets into an accident, or the grocery store that sold the food that someone choked on. Fool.

    • shultzz. shultzz

      Fred. Lame comment. There is no mention of alcohol in the story. The trouble makers were not even alcohol since they illegally entered the apartment and were asked to leave.

    • Robin

      Really Fred?!?! This is the kind of things that happen when you send thugs to college because they can play football.. I hope they go to jail for a long time!!!!!!

  • Mike

    prayers to the family, we went through (still going through) similar thing on 11/11/11 at an off campus frat house in Bloomsburg. How many times does this have to happen.

  • Linda

    Praying for Jackie and his family. @ insider: Posting negative information is not helpful to anyone. If you personally did not hear it from the docs mouth, you know nothing.

  • SAF

    Those of us in Bubbletown choose to believe the parents’ blog that there have been small victories of improvement in this marathon to get Jackie back on his journey to enjoying life! We have all been praying and will support this family on the road to recovery!

  • CCKM

    Things can get out of control so fast…good kids/bad kids. It’s not enough that your kid may not be drugs, hanging out on the streets, not holding a job. You send your kid to college, he gets into a fight and ends up in a coma? Or falls off a balcony? Or ends up dead in a hazing? SMH.

    • SAF

      As a parent of a college student, it is very scarey! I understand what you are saying but to set the story straight, as listened to in the news report, Jackie was not involved in the fight. He was trying to talk the other guys out of fighting but they came looking to hurt people.

      • CCKM

        Duly noted, but didn’t mean like he was in th fight per-se, I was speaking that it could’ve been anyone’s kid involved in a fight, even when trying to assist others or breaking up a fight.

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