Williamsport Hospital Teams up With Ohio Heart Clinic

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Susquehanna Health in Williamsport is getting some help from the Cleveland Clinic, which is recognized as one of the top heart care centers in the nation.

"Oh, that's good news! It makes you feel more secure," said one heart patient.

Lillian Horn of Montoursville has been a cardio patient at Susquehanna Health since 1999.

She suffers from a heart murmur, but said having care so close makes her feel more comfortable.

"It's wonderful. I don't have to do traveling or anything. It's great," said Horn.

The chairman of the Cleveland Clinic came to Williamsport Regional Medical Center to announce the partnership with Susquehanna Health and said it should lead to a higher standard of care for heart patients.

"We will learn something from Susquehanna health, but they will learn something from us as well because many of the problems they will face, we've been through and we will be able to help them," said Dr. Bruce Lytle, a Chairman at the Cleveland Clinic.

A cardiovascular specialist at Susquehanna health said not only will this new partnership bring new technology and new procedures, it will also bring jobs to the area.

"We've hired something like 20 nurses, and we're probably looking for 20 more," said Dr. Michael Lazar, a Medical Director at the Williamsport Hospital.

The deal will also help both health centers when it comes to emergency situations.

"If something is too complicated or someone is too high risk to be done here they can fly out to Cleveland on Cleveland's dollar with their aircraft and then have all their follow-up care done back here," said Lazar.

With Cleveland's help, Susquehanna health plans to open a heart failure clinic in Williamsport as soon as possible.