Catching Up on Clearing Snow In Bloomsburg

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BLOOMSBURG – After a month filled with bitter cold and a lot of snow, we’re finally getting a break for a few days.  Some communities are taking advantage of this warm-up to clear out all those big piles of snow, making room for the rest of winter.

It’s a big job that takes a lot of hours in Bloomsburg, a job crews say also takes a lot of something else.

"Patience, is what it takes, but we'll get it, just hang in there.  Everybody wants it here today and gone tomorrow but it doesnt work,” said Bloomsburg Public Works Department Operations worker John Fritz.

For hours, four different trucks rotated through hauling away snow that’s causing blocked parking, plowing and drivers all across town.

"We have a lot of one way streets, parking on both sides, and storm after storm, cars park further and further away from the curb," said Bloomsburg Public Works Department Operations worker Wayne Creasy.

Bloomsburg University Senior Tyler Knoblauch lives right along Main Street in Bloomsburg where he has to park on the street.  He says parking has been a nightmare.

"I'm surprised they're not here earlier I was thinking maybe they would be but I think it's about time,” said Knoblauch.

Those truckloads and truckloads of snow end up right here at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, left to hopefully melt away sometime soon.

Others just kept shoveling themselves a few blocks away from where the snow was being hauled away.

"Literally this will be the third week, every single day,” said Wendy Bolinsky of Beaver Valley.

Wendy and Barry Bolinsky help clear several rental properties around the university every time it snows and would welcome any help getting these streets clearer.

"Well they should come up here once in awhile.  But they haven't been up this far yet. They have enough problems in town trying to make room for other parking and stuff,” said Barry Bolinsky of Beaver Valley.

Others who keep shoveling and shoveling say the roads never should have gotten this bad.

"The roads in Bloomsburg itself have never been so bad.  I have never ever seen the roads and the maintenance neglected like I have,” said owner of The College Inn Bed and Breakfast Raymond Vought.

Snow removal will continue in Bloomsburg throughout the week.