St. Patty’s Day Boxing In Scranton

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With one month remaining before the big St. Patty's Day Brawl-March 8th at the Scranton Hilton and Conference Center professional boxers Stephon Burgette from Scranton and RJ Sockwell from Dunmore train inside the Warhorse building in Lackawanna County. These two are no strangers to fighting locally.

"Last fight we had at the Hilton was great atmosphere. We had a lot of friends and family there. It just felt really good to be fighting in your own backyard," said Stephon Burgette.

"We're looking forward to another good showdown out here. Putting boxing back on the map and we're going to bring it back alive," said RJ Sockwell.

Besides these two pro fighters fans can expect to see Jason Gavern and Rex Harris on the card come March 8th and for promoter Chris Coyne he's already sold 1,000 tickets so expect a lot of excitement once again at the Hilton.

"We're going to have six or seven professional bouts in total and eight amateur bouts in total. All in all on one side of the card we call it the A and the B side, one side of the card there will be a local fighter in every bout," said Chris Coyne.

Burgette at light middleweight who fights Russ Niggemeyer-a taller opponent, but Stephon says he take pride in chopping down this tree.

"We're just working on getting inside and just working the body. That's what I plan on doing that night and I'm going to accomplish that," again said Stephon.

Sockwell is a rising south paw from Stroudsburg high-school,his passion boxing even from an early age.

"I didn't play any other sports but boxing, but if it ain't boxing I ain't watching. I'm just happy about this one man. I'm excited. Talk about your style? My style the promoter kind of says I remind him sweet pea. I think of myself Floyd Mayweather mix with a little Zab Judah and a little bit of Shane Mosley," added RJ.

"It's just something I remember going with my dad since I was six years old and 40 years later here we are. I want it back in the area again and it's time we got it back and we're rolling in the right direction," added Chris.