Keeping Warm in Winter

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- The cold temperatures and another snow storm on the way are forcing some people to find creative ways to keep warm.

Some people are taking a few minutes to warm up by tanning.

"You lay there and it's so warm. You feel like you're on a beach and it takes you away from the cold weather here in the Poconos," said Jessica Tylutka of Tannersville.

The workers at Paradise Tanning in Tannersville say more people are coming in just to warm up.

Carolyn Jones of Stroudsburg is one of those people.

"It's warm. You feel like you're lying on the beach under the sun," said Jones.

The warmth of the tanning beds only lasts for a few minutes so some people decided they wanted a whole day filled with warm temperatures and headed out to the water park.

At Great Wolf Lodge in Tannersville, many families spent the day in the 84-degree water park splashing around.

"We're tired of the snow, we're tired of heavy jackets and we're cold," said Sabrina Troiani of New Jersey.

Troiani and her family have been enjoying the warmth for the past few days.

"When you walk in here, you feel like it's summer," said Troiani. “I might have to stay an extra day," she said after hearing about the upcoming storm.

"We're tired of the cold weather. We've had enough," said Gina Flint of New Jersey.

Flint has been staying at Great Wolf Lodge. She's scheduled to head home to New Jersey just as the next storm is due to hit the region.

"Then we should be home just in time, right before it hits, perfect time to start shoveling again.  It's great," said Flint.

But for now, Gina's mind is on having fun in 84-degree temperatures and playing with her children in the pool.

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