Forty Fort Woman Denied a Rose

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FORTY FORT -- There was no rose for a woman from Luzerne County on Monday night's episode of The Bachelor.

Forty Fort native Elise Mosca will not marry Juan Pablo on national television.

Her run on the hit ABC show The Bachelor has come to an end.

We have not heard whether the woman will return to her old gig as a first grade teacher in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District.



    No rose, because all the negative comments, both on TV and radio talk shows? As for the shorts and dress code on the show, for a 1st grade teacher, some want firing, etc. WELL I guess we will NOT buy dolls any more even box states ages for 6 + years old. ALSO DO NOT AIRED DANCING WITH THE STARS because both TV and radio talk SHOWS, set a NEW standard on dress codes!! PS BEST OF LUCK ON YOUR FUTURE, AND DON’T LET ANYONE STAND IN YOUR WAY

    • Sharon Getz

      I totally agree with you.
      Once word was left out about her appearing on the Bachelor show many people were quick to judge her and for what?
      If she was a good teacher and did not go to school dressed in tops showing her cleavage nor very short dresses showing her butt why should this have anything to do with her teaching abilities?
      As far as her being ugly,that she is not.
      I feel the people that are making judgement on her might have charming faces but inside they are ugly for the way they are putting her down.
      I am also sure that this woman wouldn’t stoop to the level of having sex with a school student as it clearly showed by her going on the Bachelor to find love in a grown man.
      Come on people she did no wrong but look at your selves and realize what is inside of you and God doesn’t like ugly.
      Good job,Elise.

      • Chris M

        Putting her down for what? Being an idiot? She has met lots of nice guys that she has walked all over. Yea, I know her! FULLY deserved everything people are saying about her. She is chasing the fame and money and is a horrible roll model for children!

  • Sam

    She’s from Pennsylvania and that’s a huge red flag right there and she is from the worst part of pa

    Its not all about looks but where you’re from

    Look at the statistics in nepa

    • jellystoneranger

      You are correct about NEPA! It is a toilet that is constantly blocked up that can’t flush all the turds down. I have been all around this country and I have yet to be in the middle of more animals then right here in good old NEPA. This entire state is beyond help! Any state that has Robert Casey as its us senator says everything . A Democrat stronghold of complete idiots . All looking for some kind of scam, handout , on the take. Any intelligent, law abiding individual could not possibly entertain the thought of public office around here. Now the police have allowed the Ghetto solution to take a foothold around here so they can get federal bucks for Ot drug task force payola. What a scum pit.

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