New Bishop Stirs Up Excitement In Danville School

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DANVILLE -- News of the appointment of a new bishop spread quickly through the Diocese of Harrisburg Friday.

The diocese covers 15 different counties including Columbia, Snyder, Union, Northumberland and Montour Counties.

Catholics in our region have been anxiously waiting for months for a new bishop appointment in the Diocese of Harrisburg. For some younger Catholics preparing for confirmation, the news couldn't have come at a more exciting time.

Eighth grade students in Danville started class at St. Joseph's learning that their diocese had a new leader.

Pope Francis appointed Bishop Ronald Gainer as the 11th bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg.

“Everybody was in a big uproar so we had to get online and look it up and find a picture and read the bio that was on the diocesan page,” said eighth grade teacher Kelly Deguzis.

Deguzis says her students have been following the search for their new leader since the fall, learning how this leadership is chosen in their faith.

This all comes when these students are preparing for an important sacrament in the Catholic Church.

"It’s exciting because I’m going to get confirmed this year and I’m very excited to have a new bishop from the new pope to confirm me,” said eighth grader Bruno Arnabar.

St. Joseph's pastor says the excitement has spread, not just through the school, but through the entire parish.

“Of course, this is great news and we thank God and we thank the church for it,” said Fr. Tri Luong.

Now that eighth graders at St. Joseph’s in Danville know who their new bishop is, they say they’re busy preparing for when they meet at Confirmation.

"Well the bishop will actually ask questions, with being a new bishop you do not know what kind of questions he’s going to ask,” Deguzis explained.

The students say they're busy reading up on their bishop from Pottsville and are anxious for their confirmation, but say now, they feel even more honored to be receiving the sacrament this year.

"It makes me feel nervous and, I don’t know how to say this, but kind of special because we are going to be one of the first classes with the new bishop to be confirmed, so I think that’s pretty cool,” said eighth grader Thomas Celona.

Bishop Ronald Gainer will be installed as the new Bishop of Harrisburg on March 19. That's just about one month before these eighth graders from St. Joseph’s will be confirmed.

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