Oil Business Heats Up With The Cold

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MOUNT POCONO -- With temperatures in the single digits and teens, business is "heating up" for one company in the Poconos.

The heating oil business has been busy all day filling orders.

For the past six years, David Martin has been filling up oil tanks throughout the Poconos for Liberty Discount Fuels. He says this winter has been the coldest in all his years working there, but he's not complaining.

“It's been a great winter. been nice and cold and we've been very busy,” Martin said.

It's so busy that just before Newswatch 16 caught up with him, he delivered oil to 15 homes and he still had 15 more tanks to fill.

People he visits need the fuel to heat their homes but Jose Rosado has had enough with this winter.

"I'm ready to move to Florida,” Rosado said.

But he admits seeing Dave Martin in his driveway was a relief.

“Normally we have electric heaters running in the house. Usually when it's in the 20s or 30s, it keeps the house warm, but when it starts to drop below zero that's when we really need the oil to heat up the house.”

Martin says he doesn't always get the warmest welcomes when he delivers heating oil and the bill.

“Some love us and some really don't care to see us.”

As Martin pulled out the hose and dragged it to the side of Rosado's home   to fill up the tank, he enlightened us about the bright side of this brutally cold winter.

“Last year we had nothing compared to this year. This year it's been great, you know? When it's cold like this, it's time to make money.”

It might be a good time for oil companies to make money as they fill tanks with oil, or for some of us, this weather inspires us to save and fly south for the winter.