Teacher’s Ethics Questioned Over Reality Show, Web Video Appearance

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WILKES-BARRE – Some parents in Luzerne County told Newswatch 16 that they are questioning the ethics of an elementary school teacher, who left the classroom to compete on an ABC reality show.

According to Wilkes-Barre Area School District’s Superintendent, Elise Mosca took the school year off for an undisclosed “personal leave”, after teaching first graders for the past three years at Dodson Elementary School on Jackson Street.

The teacher, who lived in Forty Fort, previously taught at Heights Elementary on South Sherman Street for several years.

Several people told Newswatch 16 that it’s not Mosca’s appearance on “The Bachelor” that has sparked a controversy, but an old video filmed before Mosca was hired as a teacher, that has recently resurfaced online.

“Yule Log Hotties” featured Mosca and three other women wearing skimpy lingerie around a fireplace, drinking and toasting marshmallows.

"Some other person that wants to be a teacher should be holding her position,” said Tiffany Powell. “I think they should honestly not let her have the job, if she is going to be doing videos like that.”

The superintendent told Newswatch 16 that Mosca is not receiving pay or benefits while she is on personal leave, but a union contract says the district must secure her teaching position for one year, or until Mosca decides if she will return to her teaching job this fall.

Other district taxpayers said they did not see any reason why Mosca’s appearance on “The Bachelor”, or an old web video, should keep the experienced educator from returning to the classroom.

"Other teachers take leaves of absence. Some go back to school; this woman just went on TV,” said Mark Bernoski. “I don`t think it`s a big deal.”

"I don`t think it`s fair that when people have an opportunity on a TV show, or have their five minutes of fame, that the public… has to find dirt on them and make it harder on them,” said Dee Bernoski.

District officials said it’s unclear if Mosca plans on returning to the classroom in the fall.

A solicitor for the district is reviewing whether Mosca has violated any employee policy of the state code of conduct for the morality of educators.


  • E

    Leave the woman alone for god’s sake! She’s not banging her students at least. Why are we always butting into each others lives?! It’s bad enough government is invading our privacy, but now were invading each others?!

    • Lori

      I agree…leave the woman alone… And yes at least she’s not having sex with students. So what if she is on a reality show and who cares about this video that has surfaced. Some people need to get a life and worry about more important things.

  • Rich Drees

    Copyright restrictions? Bull. You know darn well that this would fall under the safe harbor for news and comment provisions for Fair Use as outlined in copyright law. (Sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code) By not showing a clip from this video you are just allowing people’s imaginations to run away with themselves, which leads me to believe that this is fairly harmless.

    Either your reporter, assignment editor and/or producer of this segment 1) are all grossly ignorant, 2) are looking for any excuse to drum up interest in the network’s show in order to drive more audience to it or 3) has a personal reason for smearing this woman’s name by creating some controversy around her.

    No matter what the reason, I call bull on this shoddy and suspect reporting.

  • Donna Sterling

    If you are going to judge her BEFORE she became a teacher, better look at all the professionals in the district (yes administrators, school board members etc.) I think you would be surprised! What she does on her leave of absence is her business. She is not hurting anyone. Many in education take a leave without pay to travel etc.

  • jsw

    whats the difference,go to the beach, you will see more skin than the 4 of them in the video showed in 1 minute than the whole video! get over it, a bikini shows more than they did! its not the 40’s or the 50’s people! she wasnt doing a nude scene,and how do you know it was wine or champagne? sparkling cider or water could have been in the glass! get a life people!

  • Tom Powell

    Tiffany how would you know anything about teachers. I know for a fact you haven’t sent your kids to school in the past 4 months



  • Tami Samsel

    I am truly upset with this story, Elise did nothing wrong. She made a bad decision once in her life and she has to pay the rest of her life for it? Everyone makes a mistake once in their life. Didn’t anyone watch behind the scenes for the bachelor? Her mom wrote that letter before she passed. She is doing this for her mother, i am proud of her for doing this and so should everyone else be for bringing our area to reality tv instead of a few people trying to rip her apart. People are not happy unless they destroy someone else’s hopes and dreams. Way to go Elise and i am rooting for that ring on your finger….good luck and hugs

  • Brenda Young

    What is in her pass should stay in her pass. She did nothing wrong to hurt anyone esp. children. She is a young woman looking for love. At least she is looking in the right direction. Some teachers look at the students for love which we all know is terribly wrong. Let her alone and deal with the real problems out there.

  • suzanne

    As far as this “teacher” being picked to be on a “reality tv show” keep in mind she applied, interviewed and accepted the “role” fully knowing that she would be having an “open” relationship w/ a man she had never met, nor had any information prior to meeting a relationship with 1 man and 24 other woman all who have 3 goals in mind, to get rich, gain fame/popularity from being on tv and maybe, just maybe get a husband as a bonus. she knew fully that she would be forming/having a sexual relationship w/this man. while 23 other women would be doing the same,all while national tv. if she wants to behave in this manner so be it, but when she made the choice to become an elementary school teacher she should have known the job required morals and ethics otherwise a more suitable job for her would have been with playboy, after all don’t they have a reality show called girls next door…she could have auditioned for that and just skip teaching all together, hopefully when she is done w/ reality tv she will also be done with teaching children. also it makes no difference between public and parochial school, morals and ethics know no difference you either have them or you don’t ! and we all have heard the saying. Actions speak loader than words and frankly her actions are speaking volumes!

    • mj

      Please she’s done nothing wrong. If she got a job on a soap opera or movie – would you be as upset? It just so happens that she is getting exposure and may lead to other employment opportunities – remember Melissa Ruch oft and she was pulled to Dancing with the Stars and is now a TV correspondent making big bucks…..I say if she had the chance – good for her!!!!

      • Suzanne is a FAT wh-ooo-re

        Suzanne, Oh by the way, I’ve taken the liberty of making stuff up about you as well since you seem to be okay with that kind of thing.

  • Lisa

    Someone has a problem with this young woman and someone else has a person in mind for her job……oh yeah……black and white here. Just remember good people, everyone has a past so if you can find hers……she can find yours. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  • Cindy

    Leave her the hell alone. Once again NEGATIVE Luzerne County.. jealous issues? Listen people, the young woman loves children, let’s be reminded, she is a public school teacher, NOT a parochial school nun. She’s human, got picked to be on a reality tv show and went for it, like who wouldn’t.. As far as what goes on at 8 or 9:00 at night,, parents you are in control of your children and what they are watching,, Don’t blame Elise or anyone else, on that one other then yourselves! In fact get rid of your tv, cus television is only getting more and more open.. The Clevers are long gone people!! It’s 2014 and only going forward!

  • Drew

    Listen, I think that it’s awesome that she has made on to national television on a network show. Yes, she may have done an adult video in the past, but her views have changed on doing videos like that. And remember this is “Reality” TV!!!! Stuff can be changed or edited to suit the numbers of a show. What’s next y’all going to start tearing down the Hazleton kid for being on American Idol. I swear the parents of the kids that has issues with her being a teacher at her school do have an option of taking their kids out of that school and moved to another. It’s not like anyone’s forcing a gun to their head to keep their kids there. And not only that, her past is her business so as a wise man once said “BUT OUT!”.

  • suzanne

    It is a question of ethics and morals, the video and the show the bachelor, are both clear examples that she doesn’t have many of either and I personally wouldn’t want her teaching my impressionable 6/7 year old child. when you take a job that involves the lives of children you should expect to be held to a higher standard, and yes the video was from 5 years ago but she obviously hasn’t changed in her beliefs as she is making out and doing other behavior w/ a man who is having similar relationships w/ 2 dozen other woman all of whom are not married to him, and all on national television. that tells me more than enoughabout this woman !

    • Nick

      Suzanne, I wouldn’t want you near my children, trying to impose your close-minded opinions upon them. You are exactly what I keep them away from.

      • suzanne

        Nick, I personally have 2 teenage children, both of whom have never done drugs, drank or partied nor has my kids ever done a suggestive video, my son is an honors student in the top 3rd of his graduating class, he plays varsity sports, they dont lie, cheat or steal, neither of my kids have premarital sex and they don’t have open ended relationship between 25 people. and don’t say I cant possible know what my kids are doing at all times…YES I DO, its my JOB as a parent to instill the proper morals and ethics in my children so that they can grow up to be respected, productive members of society and chances are one day my kid will be way more successful than you or your offspring so I’m glad you wouldn’t want your kids near mine, because then I don’t have to worry about spending my energy teaching your kids morals and ethics when at my home, and around my kids. and just so you know, growing up I have never smoked, drank, did drugs or partied, I never made any suggestive videos and I was married before I had sex and children, I know in todays world that isn’t the norm but hey I just chalk it up to having ethics and morals again something that isn’t the norm in todays societies.

    • Deb

      Are you kidding me! I do not watch the show but I know what it is about. There is nothing wrong with being on the show to possible find a husband. She had to take the year off to be on the show she was not teaching while she did the show. Most teachers have no time to go scouting around for a husband. Not ever person on that show has sex. If any of those parents let their six year old watch the program to recognize teacher then that’s their choice but honestly I have seen worse in a child’s movie theater then on the spivey previews they show on TV from the show. She has done nothing wrong to show she has bad morals or ethics. You know not all people come from money and have a free ride to college maybe the video was against her morals but when you are in school and need money you do what you have to. I am not saying that’s what she did but none of us know why the video was done but her so don’t judge what you don’t know.

      • suzanne

        yeah I know its really hard working 8-3pm 5 days a week only 180 days of the year you get all holidays off, 3 months in the summer, and shoot its hard grading all that 1st grade work and being the class schedule is so built around teaching the kids to pass the pssa’s its even harder!!! especially when you get the salary and benefits these teachers do, so don’t sob about how underpaid and overworked they are and how she has no time to date…. there are better ways to find a husband, and I don’t believe any woman goes on this show to find a husband… all they are looking for is money and fame.

      • Mary

        Gee Suzanne, Hate much? If you don’t watch the show you can’t possibly Judge it, commercials don’t count, they’re trying to get people TO watch the show. Also as a Mother of 2, now in their late 20’s, THERE”S no way you can ever know what your Child is doing at all times. Even in your own house, when you are not home. Don’t be so quick to hate a person for one mistake, I’m sure somewhere in your life, you’ve made one, and someone forgave YOU.

  • Bonnie Rubio

    Just close minded people would think of her leave as their business! So she is looking for love! Leave her alone!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Why is it that everyone always looks to knock someone down rather than to build them up? Is it reallythat gratifying for people? Does it make them feel better about themselves to knock someone down a peg or point out their possible flaws or mistakes? So sad really that this is what people put such energy and focus on! The woman is beautiful, she is accomplished, and she is human! LEAVE HER ALONE! Don;t judge her just for sinning differently than you do!

  • voodoomedic

    Tiffany Powell, i can infer from your comment that you are less attractive than said teacher. So please go back to your front porch, smoke, drink, do what ever, and collect your welfare. Because obviously you have watched that video and feel jealous.

  • Mary Washicosky

    Seriously, the Woman was younger when this happened, we all did dumb stuff when we were younger. Should we all be held Publicly accountable. “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone”. The real Question you should be asking, Is Why would someone bring this up NOW? What is it going to get HIM?

  • Reedickulus

    The fact that this station has an opportunity to gain nationAl attention and is using this story to sensationalize and create news is just a sad excuse for a news program.. But I come to expect that from wnep these days..

  • Reedickulus

    Really ? This is so petty If you have time to worry about what she has done in her past that was perfectly legal, harmless and does not deserve any of this crap.. Just pitiful..

  • Carrie

    I think they should all just stop this video you all are talking about happened b4 this teacher was hired so my god let it go obviously no one ever cared about this supposed video b4 she ended up on this show now all of a sudden everyone is worried like grow up peoples he is obviously a good teacher if the school kept her up till now so what she does in her personal life should not have anything to do with her work life

  • Brandy

    Seriously! There are more pressing issues than pulling a video from how long ago and ruining someone’s career and reputation. You see Victoria secret models on tv. What is the difference? Was she doing anything obscene on this video?! Some people need to get their priorities straight and start worrying about things that matter!

  • Josh

    If only some “concerned” parents had as much concern for what their kids are doing rather than what teacher is living it up a little on Yule Log Hotties.

  • Brianne Mosca

    Seriously, the video in question is from years ago & her being on the bachelor should have nothing to do with whether she continues teaching. On Monday they wanted her to get pretty much naked, she didn’t so I think that right there tells you about her morals!

  • Brenda s

    Elise Moska should not be an issue. Pay Attention: What about Elementary Art Teacher Ms. L. Goldstein who was arrested 3 years ago for Simple Assault, Burglary, Public Drunkenness & Harassment. She was a Solomom Elementary teacher at the time of her arrest. She has since been transferred & is currently teaching at Coughlin High School.

    The following is a quote from the 3/10/2010 Citizen Voice Newspaper:

    ” A Wilkes-Barre Area art teacher will continue to receive a paycheck while she is suspended and the school district investigates a weekend assault, Superintendent Jeffrey T. Namey said Tuesday. ”

    You want something to be mad about…be Mad about this !

  • Dave

    We should be happy for someone from this area has been selected for a TV show, instead we try to trash her. Real class northeast PA !!!

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