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Winter Weather Gives Boost to Body Shops

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Businesses that actually benefits from this winter weather are collision repair shops.

One of those shops is in the Poconos and getting slammed with vehicles damaged in the recent snow and ice storms.

The workers at Tim's Auto Body Collision Repair Shop near Stroudsburg are grateful for the rough winter weather. For them it means a spike in business.

"We're a lot busier right now than we were the past month because of collisions with the snow and ice storms," said Jim Meyers of Tim's Auto Body Shop.

The crew has been working non-stop since the beginning of December trying to keep up with all the repairs they need to make.

Chan Thomas is in the middle of working on two different vehicles. He says both cars were damaged when the drivers lost control in the snow and ice.

"The majority of cars coming in here are really bad hits, rollovers and totals. We've been getting more totals than fix," said Chan Thomas of Tim's Auto Body Shop.

But not everybody is losing control on the roadways.

"No close calls this year," said Jamie Storm of Neola.

But for James Connoloy of Bartonsville, he hasn't been so lucky.

"A few times, just going down a hill. The car doesn't want to stop in the ice. It happens," said Connoloy.

But to make sure the doesn't happen again, Connoloy is buying windshield wipers at Advanced Auto Parts near Stroudsburg so he can better see the road conditions and avoid ending up having his car at the body shop for repairs.