Scranton Royals Hot Start

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Their scoring 81ppg and holding their opponents under 75. That is one reason why the University of Scranton Men's Basketball team has eight wins.

"We've been on a roll just passing, shooting and doing everything right and playing great defense. Defense is really our main thing. We want to keep teams under 64 points. So when we do that we know we're going to have a good game," said Brendan Boken.

The Royal's have been looking for a third leading scorer all season another guy to compliment Tommy Morgan and Ross Danzig in the scoring column, and they got it the other night from Brendan Boken-a career high 37 against Keystone.

"Brendan's been right there. He had so many big games for us last year, so we're excited that he had such an exceptional night and very happy for him," said Carl Danzig.

"Yes it was huge we needed Brendan to really get going. He's a big part of this team and I'm happy to see him really do well last night especially against a local rival of ours," said Michael Barr.

Scranton is right back on the court against JP Andrejko and his King's College Monarchs. It's the Cross County Challenge.

"It means a lot there's a long history with Wilkes, King's, Marywood, and us so we always want to come out. It' a little more important too. It's a home so we always want to win at home," said Justin Klingman

"Carl what are you facing with King's? I know they have Caffrey, and Hammonds. They have a couple scorers there. They do their solid, and JP does such a great job down there with those guys. Their well coached and we know we are going to have our hands full. It's a bit of a home-coming for him, as he was here for such a long time, certainly as a tremendous player here All-American. I know his kids will be excited to play hard for him," again said Carl.