Elderly Woman Killed, Authorities Searching for the Killer

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NANTICOKE -- Investigators in Luzerne County said a 97-year-old woman was apparently beaten or bludgeoned to death in her home on Thanksgiving night.

Folks said Gertrude Price was the nicest neighbor you could hope for, and they are baffled how anyone could break into her home and kill her.

When neighbors on East Grand Street in Nanticoke noticed on Thanksgiving night, the lights in the house were on past 11, they worried something was wrong. Price, who lived inside, never stayed up so late.

In the morning family members made the awful discovery, a burglar had broken in the basement window, ransacked the house, and killed Gertrude.

People who knew her couldn't believe the news.

"She was an angel, that's how good she was. Anybody that done that to her they should be killed," said Hank Novak, a neighbor.

Novak said his friend was careful about safety, always locking her windows and doors, that's why he is so shocked someone was able to break in and kill her.

Police said there was no sign of a weapon, meaning Price was likely beaten or bludgeoned, and the crime appears to be random.

"This poor lady, 97 years old, lives her whole life, and has to leave this world this way," said Trooper Marty Conners, state police at Wyoming.

"It's insane. Whoever it is, I hope they get him, and I hope they get him soon," said Joel smith, a neighbor.

State police believe the attack took place between 10 and 11 Thursday night. They are asking anyone who may have seen or heard anything unusual to contact them.


  • Catherine Slangan

    Find this despicable, lower than dirt man/woman who did this. You do not deserve to live on the face of the Earth. She was a helpless 97 year old who did not deserve to die this way. RIP Gertrude Price.

  • Granny

    When this person is caught he needs to be punished to the fullest. The slap on the wrist given to these animals is ridiculous. They get out of jail and commit crimes again. They need to be taken out of society forever!

  • SMR

    Prayers and support are critical to this family right now. Don’t feed the anger. Send them messages of warmth and communuty.

  • linda

    HOPE THEY FIND WHO DID THIS! people are so sick. she was 97 you did not have too hurt her! her and her family are in my thoughts and heart. whoever you are you pay for this


    i feel so bad for a lady this age its true she was probably was a grandmother or a parent who ever did this how could you

  • Nanticoke voter

    we need a crime watch. we need people to turn this pig in. someone knows who did this. we will not put up with this in Our city. God bless this women. everyone should be concerned this could be your mother, grandmother or wife & children next. Ready to get a gun protect my family shoot first and ask questions after they are dead and you are safe.

  • njw164

    It is disgusting. I hope they find out who did this. I feel absolutely horribly for this woman. I can’t even imagine the fear in her heart before she died. What is this world coming to? It is sick!!

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