Chief Romano Pleads No Contest To Hindering Prosecution

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SCRANTON — Suspended Scott Township Police Chief James Romano pleaded no contest Tuesday to a hindering prosecution charge.

The state attorney general’s office accused Romano of having an inappropriate relationship with a woman who is a potential witness in a child sex assault case against a former Lakeland High School band teacher.

“This is a good result because the plea, once the defendant is sentenced, assures a misdemeanor 2 conviction and it ensures that Mr. Romano will never be able to serve as a police officer again in The Commonwealth,” said Joe Peters, spokesman for the attorney general’s office.

The plea means Romano will never be able to be a police officer again.


  • Bill

    Thanks for deleting my comment wnep. If they don’t fit your agenda they get deleted? All I said was this crime should me a felony. A misdemeanor is a slap on the wrist.

  • Bill

    To call him a good cop is a joke. I don’t know what you’d consider moral but having a sexual relationship with a teenage witness (even if she’s 18) is far from it. Its his job to protect these people, not have a “relationship”.

  • John Okeefe

    realy?this guy’s probably a good dedicated cop and your gonna screw up his career and take a good cop off the streets pull him out of the war against crime?anywhere ?for ever? w.t.f. joe peters and the states attorney generals office doesn’t care about that community .i hope, for the fight against crimes sake,he wins back his job.and you folks are gonna lose a fighter against crime.why doesn’t that office and get to work against real crime?you just make it worse by taken a good cop outa the game .your idiots with an agenda

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