Names Released in Apparent Murder-Suicide

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- South Abington Police said they got a call around 5:30 p.m. Monday, and when they arrived at Abington Manor nursing home they found 79-year-old nursing-home patient, Howard Kinney, and a 42-year-old nurse, Aimee Larkin of Dunmore dead inside a patient room.

Police said it was other employees at Abington Manor who discovered their coworker dead inside a patient room with the resident. Police said it seems the Larkin shot Kinney and then turned the gun on herself.

Police believe it's a murder-suicide, and that the Larkin and Kinney were alone when it happened. Other than that, they have very little information. There was no note, and employees at Abington Manor said they haven't noticed any unusual behavior from the nurse or the patient.

According to police Larkin was working when it happened. She had been an employee at Abington Manor since 2011. Kinney has been living there for two years. Police don't know anything about the relationship between them.

Police said no other residents at Abington Manor were in any danger. They call it an isolated incident.

Investigators are struggling to determine the motive for the shooting.


  • Karen Keifer

    It wouldnt be the first time if this was a Sympathy killing. Watching elderly or terminal people suffer emotionally & physically would be HeartBreaking.

  • Alicia

    #1 stress and underlying unknown mental issues #2 patient in pain and made the deal with the devil and wanted to cash out on life insurance (people are sick) #3 you just never know what happened perhaps you never will no one is there to talk

  • frankie

    My wife is a cna and makes 756.00 every two weeks and hates her job but tells me she does it for the care if others mybe this man was in pain and wanted to end it and so was the nurse even tho its wronge to take a life we dint know the truth and most likly never will. god bless the familys invold

  • Linda

    Was she really a nurse? RN? LPN? I think there is much more to this story. Very sad and a disgrace to my nursing profession.

  • mastermind

    Praying!!! Praying!!!!! Lot of praying going on anymore, and you know what????, It doesn’t help!!!!!!!!! Your prayers are useless.

  • Unknown

    In these time and days you can’t trust no one the whole system is messed up from government on down me personally I trust no one

  • NC123

    Why would any of you jump to conclusions when this story is so vague with detail?
    As far as the comment that says ‘how didnt anyone hear the gunshots?’ -did you ever think they did and thats how they were found? She could have shot the patient and quickly shot herself.
    This has NOTHING to say about the profession as a whole. Not all nurses carry guns and shoot their patients, just like not every mall shopper shoots people in a mall. Dont be stereotypical, youre showing how ridiculous and small minded you are.
    And when you say, ‘how can a nurse be allowed to carry a weapon at work?’- Did you ever think that obviously nobody knew she had that weapon?!

    This is a horrible thing that happened for both parties. But details are not released yet and even if they were, people shouldnt just start throwing their two cents around like they were there.

  • Cathy

    How can a nurse be al allowed to carry a loaded weapon on work premises??….and how can the co-workers not hear anything?? That gun would have echoed all over the building…..something else is amiss here. Nurses are under extreme stress already….the state is piling too much on them to cause this kind of outburst.. Patients can be nasty people to care for, and everyone has a breaking point. I blame the whole breakdown of the system where nursing has been cut to the basic core, no raises, bad or very poor benefits, no full time hours, or short of them, and no support system in place. It’s all about the bottom line –the dollar–and when greed is allowed to take over….you can expect more of this.. Unfortunately the public sees Nurses as all consuming angels, when they are not. They are people with breaking points and nursing home patients are nasty and abusive people. Just one opinion.

    • Sue

      It is very possible the others didn’t hear anything if the doors are like other locations of the parent company. The doors at other locations are almost sound proof. You couldn’t hear a gunshot if the door was completely closed.

  • Jenifer Miller RN

    I take offense to the way this story is presented. This is one, sick person who did this horrible crime. Don’t make it sound like she represents the whole profession.

    • Stephanie

      I’m confused as to why you think this article gives the perception that she represents all nurses. No where in this article does it say anything like that so I’m not sure why you’re offended? It was a factual article, there were no opnions or accusations.

  • Dianne S.

    so sad to here…….been in the medical field for 36 years …….could not imagine what went through this distraught nurses head. Will pray for their families…….and the staff who work at the facility.

    • David R. Cheasman

      “Distraught” nurse? How do you know she was “distraught”? Maybe she was just angry. Maybe she stole from the patient and he was going to report her. Who knows? What we DO know is there have been no facts released to indicate the nurse was “distraught”.

      • Jennifer

        Interesting theory. A similar one occured to me, but then why did she kill herself?
        It will be really interesting to learn what the investigators find.

  • Moeika

    Maybe they had a plan together, maybe the nurse was severely depressed and so was the patient for living there for 2 years and they made a plan to “get out”. At least I’d like to think that, sounds alot happier and comforting.

  • lost caregiver

    Soo sad.. such a skilled woman in many fields. Poor resident. If we cant trust people to care for our elderly, who do we trust?

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