Power to Save: Protecting Woodsy Wildlife

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LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- If you appreciate the great outdoors, you are probably more likely to protect and save The environment. That's why a school in Luzerne County held an outdoor class for its elementary students today.

A school day spent walking through the woods on the hunt for salamanders.

"We found like 15 under a huge rock. It was really cool."

"Frogs and we found two kinds of salamanders."

Thanks to a grant from the Department of Environmental Protection, this group from the Wyoming Valley Montessori School now has this outdoor class, studying critters living in the woods and wetlands here in Lehman Township.

"So the kids have got to explore that, not only in textbooks, but now they get to see it in real life," said Montessori School teacher Amy Weinschenk.

Teachers say that getting quite literally a hands-on experience helps the kids understand why it's important to save the wildlife living in the habitats right in their backyard.

"The kids are learning how this is somebody's home. Just like they have a home, this is somebody's home, and about the different plants that are around to protect the home," said Weinschenk.

They set up 24-hour cameras in the woods to take photos of wildlife. They'll study those pictures and come back here later in the school year.

"It's good to actually see and know instead of seeing it on a computer," said fifth grader Kevin McNulty.

Leaving technology behind for nature, if only for a few moments.

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