Bunnies Rescued From Cruelty At Football Game

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DANVILLE -- Three baby bunnies are recovering after allegedly being abused at a high school football game in Danville.  Officials believe students kicked the bunnies behind the bleachers at last week's game.

A Danville High School student says she saw several kids kicking the small animals behind the bleachers on the visitors' side at last week's home game against Shamokin.

The bunnies are now being taken care of by a Danville Area School Board member.

Danville Area and Shamokin Area school officials are trying to figure out who abused the bunnies.

Mackenzie Wertman says she never misses a Danville High School football game.  Last Friday's game against Shamokin was no exception.  Wertman says she was walking behind the bleachers when she saw something she will never forget:  kids kicking baby bunnies.

"It was just screaming and I walked over and I asked 'what are you doing?' and they said 'whatever, it's just an animal' and I said, 'you're just a human.'"

Danville Area officials say they suspect the kids who kicked the bunnies are from Shamokin.  Wertman says the bunnies were only about three weeks old.

"Especially when they're only the size of fitting in the palm of my hand. You could hear them shrieking and it broke my heart."

After Mackenzie told her principal what happened, she wrapped up the bunnies in her jacket and gave them to a school board member to take care of.

"I have a nice size aquarium to keep them in so we're feeding them a couple times a day now, less than they have been initially.  They're starting to eat clover," said Danville Area School Board member Dawn Gill.

Gill says one of the bunnies was seriously hurt at the football game.

"He had blood coming out of his nose.  The following day he had drainage coming out of his nose.  He shakes and he can't stand."

Gill says the other two bunnies are in good shape.

"The other two are crazy wild and I'm hoping to be able to release them in a week or so

The Danville Area school superintendent says both Danville Area and Shamokin Area school districts are working together to handle the incident.