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Man Trapped, Killed While Working on Car

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MINERSVILLE -- Authorities say a man working on his vehicle was killed when he became trapped underneath it in Schuylkill County.

It happened along the 200 block of South Street in Minersville around 7:30 Friday morning.

Police said Raymond Yocum, 57, of Minersville was killed.

Minersville police chief, Michael Combs explained what he believes happened.

"He was parked here facing downhill. The individual had a wheel chock behind the back wheel. The hood was open, he was working on the car," Combs said.

Combs said while Yocum was working on his Buick, the car's linkage suddenly disconnected.

Combs believes this caused the car to go into drive.

"As the car moved forward, it pushed him down. He's underneath the front of the car, and the car moved this distance even with the wheel chock on the back of the wheel," Combs said.

Police said the likelihood of this accident happening is rare.

Combs said several factors went into making this accident tragic.

"Plastic wheel chock, being parked on the hill and knocking the vehicle out of gear. Take out any one of those three and this tragic accident probably wouldn't have happened," Combs said.

Neighbors who live nearby said they were shocked to learn something like this happened so close to home.

"It's pretty freaky. I know one thing, I would not be working on a car on a hill. I mean that's one thing that I was taught when I was younger," Bill Whalen said.

Police remind drivers when working on their cars to always do it on a flat surface.