Teachers’ Strike Affected Coaches For Wyoming Area Football

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Summer vacation has been extended for students at one school district in Luzerne County.

Teachers in the Wyoming Area School District went on strike this week and their union says it could last for weeks.

Despite not being back at school, the football season has started for Wyoming Area but because of the strike, some of the coaches aren’t taking the field.

They may not be back in school, but they certainly have tons of school spirit and the bragging rights to prove it.

“We have the most spirited student section in the entire valley so I`d like to give a shout out to these guys,” said senior Santino Romanelli who is part of the student cheering section.

Here at the home football game for Wyoming Area High School, students say this is pretty much the only school-related thing they`ve done this month.

Teachers in the district went on strike this past Tuesday over a salary dispute, saying they haven`t had a raise since 2010.

The football team itself is being affected with six coaches being teachers, either in this district or at other districts.

Head Coach Randy Spencer says those teachers haven`t been coaching since the strike was called, including Assistant Head Coach Joe Pizano and Coach Mike Fanti.

“It`s challenging but we`re a coaching family here and also supported exceptionally well by our district so it`s a complex situation,” said Spencer.

“The freshman team, all of our coaches are in the union so that`s a lot of trouble for us, we have to take the varsity coaches and take their time away from the varsity team,” said freshman Ethan Crake.

“It`s so weird without seeing our coaches there, the field just looks so bare,” said freshman Hannah Hinkle.

Dan stillarty is the father of Wyoming Area`s kicker, Danielle Stillarty.

“My daughter`s in her senior year right now so you`d hate to see anything like that put a damper on her year but we`ll get through it,” said Stillarty.

The teachers` union says talks have broken down with the administration and say the strikes could last for weeks.

“Seeing your teachers walk on the streets not really fun either,” said freshman Madison Beppler.

Teachers in the Old Forge School District are also on strike.

In that case, the state Department of Education has said classes need to resume by September 25th.