Reaction To Presidential Speech in Scranton

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SCRANTON---The theme was college affordability.

Thousands packed into the Lackawanna College Student Union building on Jefferson Avenue to hear President Obama and Vice President Biden Friday afternoon.

Many of those in the crowd were Lackawanna College students.

The President`s message affected them directly.

"Nowadays things get tough and we need it to be affordable, people don`t all come from wealthy homes," said student Raeshaun Finney.

"I`m not sure I`m going to get a job right away so how am I going to pay off those student loans if I have like 6 months to find a job and I don`t find that job right away?" said Desirree Ramos, another Lackawanna College student.

"Him and Joe Biden touched bases on going to school, being a single mom and working and just trying to fit school into the equation sometimes is hard. Him being here alone was a sign that I need to continue," said Shameekah Jones.

While most were there to listen to the President`s message, some were there to send one.

Read President Obama's Full Remarks Here

Dozens gathered outside Lackawanna College to ask Obama to ban fracking, which is the process of gas drilling in Pennsylvania and beyond.

"I think his support of fracking is out of ignorance or whatever but we will have poisoned water in the future and I think that cost is too much to bear," said protester Kurt Shotko of Scranton.

The presidential visit to the Electric City was a brief one, but for many it was an inspiring one.

"I felt like maybe I do have a chance even though I didn't come from a wealthy family, maybe here`s a chance for me," said Naeemah Badia.

"I'm trying to start my life, I'm a single mom, myself so the word of inspiration that he gave gave me the opportunity and the hope to say,'I can do this,' whether I am a single mother or I'm not, I can do this and the hope that he gave everyone inspired me and I'm ready. I'm ready to start my life," said Precious Watson of Scranton.

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