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Folks React to Obama’s Expected Visit and Education Talk

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SCRANTON---President Obama is scheduled to speak at Lackawanna College next Friday and his topic is expected to be affordable higher education.

"I think it's a wonderful push. I'm hoping that very soon the cost will go down for college. I know a lot of students do have good grades and would like to go to school but unfortunately cannot afford it," said Ethany Dick of Scranton.

Dick's daughter is a high school freshman and already looking into college scholarships.

"Number one concern is affording college. I've been pushing making sure you are doing your best academically to be able to get scholarships and cut down on cost and I have been paying back my student loans forever and I do not want her to be in that predicament," said Dick.

President Obama signed a bill recently to lower student loan interest rates, something millions of Americans are trying to pay off, including many recent college grads.

"Right now, they're struggling to find jobs and pay back their student loans at the same time so they have the burden of the student loans coming back and they have the pressure of finding a job at the same time," said Stephanie Fisk of Dunmore, describing her friends at the moment.

Fisk is grateful her father works at the University of Scranton, where she is a student, so her tuition is free.

Some college students, like Fabby Desir of Scranton, attend school on scholarships and said they could not otherwise afford it.

Desir attends the University of Scranton.

"Not many people in this area could afford to go to the University, Obama doing what he is doing is definitely going to help us," he said.

White House officials have not yet confirmed a time for Obama's speech at Lackawanna College.

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