End Of An Era: Hotel Sterling Coming Down

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WILKES-BARRE -- The dismantling of what so many consider one of the gateways to the city of Wilkes-Barre, is expected to get underway Thursday.

Demolition time is expected to start around 7:00 in them morning and by no means is this supposed to be a fast job.  Taking down this huge building, built in the 1890s, could last through the end of September and affect drivers who traveling in and around the corner of River and Market Streets.

City leaders aren`t yet sure what will happen with this space when this landmark is officially history. Many are weighing in on the Facebook page of the mayor`s office. Hundreds shared their hopes for this site in the future, from a proposed skate park to suggestions to rebuild a new "Sterling Hotel."

Demolition day comes years after back and forth decisions on whether it should have been saved or torn down.  But one thing`s for certain, by fall the last chapter of the Hotel Sterling should be complete.

In addition to being a place for guests to stay back in the day, weddings and numerous events were held here at the hotel.  In the 80s and 90s, some even lived in apartments until the landmark was officially boarded up.

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