Farmers: Crops Are Doing Great!

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RUSH TOWNSHIP -- Some farmers in our area are predicting a bumper crop because of the right amount of sunshine and rain. For farmers that could mean more money in their pockets.

Cash is what farmer Jack Zukovich plans on getting from his hay crop this year. Zukovich said he  sells it to other farmers from his fields near Tamaqua.

"The crop is very good but it's very late to be cutting hay but I think the color and the market will demand it this year."

Zukovich said so far this year there has been just the right amount of sunlight and rain.

"I think the crops are going to be in earlier this year, like our farm market up there probably two weeks earlier this year because of the heat and humidity."

Just a few miles north in Luzerne County workers are busy in the fields owned by the Burger family near Hazleton. Len Burger has been farming for 45 years. He said he's amazed at his corn crop.

"The corn generally this time of year is waist high and you can see it here in the background it's six feet, maybe seven. It's the biggest I've ever seen it for this time of year."

But Burger said he knows what could happen down the road.

"I think they're looking really good now but it's early a lot can happen. I'm hoping there going on in the same direction it looks really good."

Farmers are dependent on Mother Nature and they say if conditions continue they should have one of the best growing seasons ever.