Mystery Man Returns Lost Wallet To Steve Martin

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WILKES-BARRE – Workers at the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts say a good Samaritan returned a missing wallet to actor Steve Martin on Tuesday.

Programming Director Will Beekman told Newswatch 16 that Steve Martin’s wallet dropped out of his pocket, as he peddled his bicycle through downtown Wilkes-Barre, several hours before his music and comedy act with the Steep Canyon Rangers.

Beekman said the man didn’t give anyone his full name, and told Martin that he didn’t want any attention for the good deed.

"We told (Martin) someone found your wallet. He had no clue that he was even missing it. Right away, he reached into his back pocket and saw that it was missing,” said Beekman. "He wasn`t one of those artists who wants to stay on the bus the whole day. He was on and off the bus, he was walking on the streets. Obviously he was riding his bike around town. He was very approachable."

Wilkes-Barre resident Mark Draper said he’ll use the act of honesty and generosity, as a learning lesson for his 2-year-old son.

“A lot of people don`t have the golden rule and return things, they just take the stuff,” said Draper. “I’m really thankful to know that they are out there still."

Anthony DiRosa of Waymart said he was surprised that the man who found Martin’s wallet didn’t take advantage of the situation.

“I really don`t like the city. We are here doing some fire protection work. I just don`t really like the city. I’m from the country I guess,” said DiRosa.

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