Catalytic Converters Stolen off Vehicles In Two Counties

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Police in two counties are looking into the thefts of some auto parts off vehicles.

Authorities say numerous catalytic converters, known to be an item targeted commonly by thieves, were taken from auto lots in Luzerne and Carbon Counties.

Despite being surrounded by an electric fence, Duryea police say thieves were able to cut the fence and get inside COPARTS auction and salvage lot.

Police say they made off with 102 catalytic converters off of vehicles sometime over the weekend.

Police say the converters are commonly targeted by thieves and businesses in the auto industry are trying to stop this by taking action.

“They`re worth money, they`re worth a lot of money and right now I know some of the dealerships or the scrap yards in the area have to take licenses to get them so they`re not really accepting them that much, you have to have some proof that you`re with some type of garage,” said Duryea Chief Nick Lohman.

Police say some vehicles also had CD players removed and many people say hearing about these crimes isn`t surprising.

“Anything possible right now, with the way the cost of living is, it`s very easy,” said Carl Rinaldi.

Workers at COPARTS declined to talk, however workers at an LKQ auto shop in Carbon County had plenty to say about a recent theft of dozens of catalytic converters from their shop in Parryville.

They showed off the damage left behind after the converters were removed.

“It's disappointing because a lot of us got to work hard for our paycheck and somebody can walk out with $5,000worth of merchandise in one day, you know what I mean?” said inventory manager Christopher Styler.

In both cases it appears whoever did this knew what they were doing.

As far as preventing the crime, police say there`s only show much you can do.

“Unless you have a garage or something to keep you vehicle in, really, brand new dealerships are getting hit,” said Chief Lohman.

And Tuesday evening, police in Snyder County said there was a report of a catalytic converter off a vehicle from a dealer ship in Monroe Township.