“Tractor Day” at Warrior Run High School

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LEWIS TOWNSHIP -- Seniors at Warrior Run High School in Northumberland County took part in a longtime school tradition Friday. Some graduating seniors drove their tractors to school.

This John Deere is something you usually see on a farm, but on the last full day of school at Warrior Run High School, more than a dozen tractors like it filled the parking lot!

"Ever since I was in elementary school, seniors would drive their tractors to school. It's what we do. It's a big thing," Chris Hartman said.

Tractor Day is a longtime tradition at Warrior Run High School near Watsontown. Graduating seniors are allowed to drive their tractors to school on their last day of class.

"It's really fun. It's a big tradition here. The classes do it every year. It's cool to finally be a senior and drive it in on the last day," Garrett Moser said.

Most of these students live pretty close to Warrior Run High School, but their commutes were a little longer than usual.

"I left about quarter to five this morning," David Weaver said.

Many of these students have been looking forward to Tractor Day since they were in kindergarten, and spent the week preparing.

"We worked on the John Deere for about a week getting them tuned up and stuff," Weaver said.

"You'll see a wide variety of huge to little garden tractors. Girls, guys, everybody gets involved," Patty Cross said.

The students even had a tailgating party before school with picnic tables and a grill. No alcohol, of course, but a very unique menu.

"We had venison, squirrel, hamburger and sausage," Bill Buck said.

The students say Tractor Day was a fun way to end their high school careers.