A History Lesson Before Memorial Day

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MUNCY -- Our area is getting ready to pay tribute to the fallen, the military and the civilians who have died serving our country.

Days before memorial day, students in Lycoming County took some time to place hundreds of flags at the graves of veterans.

The fifth grade class from Myers Elementary School in Muncy was about to embark on a walk through history.

Inside the cemetery are hundreds of years worth of American war veterans, generations of men and women who served their country many who died fighting.

"I think it's really interesting, I like history, this is just kind of special me, I like it," said Faith Mihalick, a fifth grader.

Mihalick and her classmates had a mission of their own: to find veterans' markers and place a symbol of freedom in each one.

"It's amazing how many people we have even though we have a small population," she said.

"We try to impart on them a little bit of history, why they're doing it, how it got started. And hopefully they'll continue the tradition and recognize the importance of Memorial Day," said Bill Poulton with the Muncy Historical Society.

The historical society supplies the hundreds of flags, as well as a chance for some students to place Old Glory on graves belonging to ancestors who served.

Aleaha Bigelow's great-grandfather, Olen Johnson, served in World War II.

"It serves him. Because he served our country, guess it represents him and what he did for our country," said Bigelow, a fifth grader.

Once the students had finished canvassing Muncy Cemetery, it no longer looked like one without flags but rather one with more than 1,000 flags at veterans markers throughout.