New Liquor Store Welcome in Mountain Top

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP -- For the first time in two years, folks who live in the Mountain Top area of Luzerne County have their own liquor store.

The store opened in the Weis Markets Shopping Center in Wright Township Tuesday in the same plaza where Mountain Top's last store was.

It closed two years ago when Weis expanded and customers we spoke with say they're thrilled to have it back.

The quest for the perfect wine is no simple task but when the only wine and liquor store in town opens, suddenly the search becomes a lot easier.

Debbie Torres lives near the new Fine Wine and Good Spirits store that just opened near the Weis Market in Wright Township. The Mountain Top area hasn't had a liquor store since 2011.

"Since the store here closed, we had to go all the way to Dallas to get any really good wine selection in the area, so it's really convenient not to have to go so far."

"Weis wanted to expand, so we lost our space. So then it was just a process of negotiating to get a new space," said Stacy Kriedeman, PA Liquor Control Board

A spokesperson for the liquor control board says this store is a thousand square feet larger than the last store in Mountain Top, which allows for more variety when you go shopping.

"The selection is so much better than what it used to be so I'm happy about that," said Albert Torres.

Another added feature is the Chairman's Selection of wine.

"Because you can read is the wine dry or is it sweet or is it heavy or light," said Jill Gailey.

Gailey, also of the Mountain Top area, used to drive a half hour to Dallas or up to Wilkes-Barre when she wanted a good bottle of wine.

"I'm glad we don't have to drive up there anymore. This is really convenient. Very happy."

The store in Wright Township is now one of 600 stores that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board operates throughout the state.

The space is leased in the Weis Markets Shopping Center.