Making an Old Baseball Diamond Sparkle Again

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Construction has begun to restore a sports field that has been abandoned in Luzerne County.

Before a diamond can sparkle, it must be cut with care, even a baseball diamond.

"There hasn't been baseball in Kennedy Park for almost 35 years.

""You often wondered what was going to happen with it."

"As towns grow up and grow older, people move out and we lost of a lot of kids."

Since the 80's, kids from Wilkes-Barre Township have played ball at Wilkes-Barre city fields.

"There was a concern for some of the parents. So what we did is we got together, and we said we have this beautiful park that we can do and we can bring our kids right into our own backyard," said Wilkes-Barre Township Youth Baseball Assn. president Mike Malloy.

Home Depot donated supplies and more than 50 employees to help turn the park back into a field.

"The community does a great job of supporting us, so we welcome the opportunity to come out here and help them with their project," said Wilkes-Barre Home Depot manager Joe Haynos.

For some of the volunteers here, sweeping up the dirt brings back memories of what this field once was.

"Playing baseball in your hometown is a special feeling because you have the hometown people rooting you on," said Chuck Revitt, of Wilkes-Barre Township.

"We're losing it to the digital age. We have a lot of people whose thumbs are probably stronger than their grip. But we're trying to bring that back. We're trying to bring activity back to the kids," said Malloy.

And replace the sound of these pounding hammers with the crack of a bat. The league plans to have Kennedy Park ready for the first day of its baseball season, April 27th.