Testimony Underway in Schuylkill County Murder Trial

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY - Jarvin Huggins, 19, entered a Schuylkill County Courtroom, accused of killing his former neighbor Gene Slavinsky last April.

State Police said it happened at Slavinsky's home in Mahanoy City, all over a laptop computer, and about $100 in coins.

Troopers testified at the courthouse in Pottsville, and explained how Huggins admitted to the murder.

The Trooper who listened to Huggins confession said he broke down during questioning.

"He became visibly upset and began to cry and said he was responsible," said Trooper James Cutitta.

Huggins went on to tell police he went inside Slavinsky's home through a basement window, cut the power off to lure him downstairs to check things out.

That's when Huggins beat the 48-year old with a window weight he found under the stairs.

Huggins said in a statement to Troopers, "I couldn't stop myself. I thought he saw me. I think he was dead."

Jurors also saw blood spattered clothing in the Courtroom, the same clothing Huggins told State Police that he wore the night of the murder.

"I was wearing jeans and a red hoodie, they're at my place. There's still blood on them, and i was wearing red and white sneakers," said Huggins.

The Defense told Newswatch 16 they had no comment, as well as the family members of the accused murderer, but during cross examination attorney's highlighted a fact: That Huggins said he had been on disability since birth suffering from brain damage, and gave a confession to a homicide without a lawyer.

Testimony will continued Tuesday in Schuylkill County.