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Valentine’s Surf and Turf Dinner

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It's the perfect dinner for your sweetheart.  Check out the recipe for Valentine's Surf and Turf courtesy of Vanderlyn's Restaurant in Kingston.

Valentine’s Surf & Turf Dinner
Pan Seared Filet Mignon with Rosemary Merlot Reduction,
Sauteed Shrimp, Asti Spumante Lemon Sauce,
Pan Fried Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas & Carrots

Yield: 2 Servings

Surf & Turf (Filet & Shrimp)
As Needed             Spice Blend
2 Each                  Filet Mignon, (Beef Tenderloin Steak) Cut 6 oz. or Your Choice
8 Each                  U-15 Count Shrimp, Peeled & Deveined
2 Ounces              Clarified Butter

Sauce for Shrimp
2 Ounces              Asti Spumante
½ Each                 Lemon Juice, Squeezed Fresh
2 Ounces              Whole Butter
½ Ounce               Scallions, Chopped
To Taste                Salt & White Pepper
To Taste                Parsley, Chopped

Sauce for Filet 
4 Ounces              Merlot Wine or Your Favorite
4 Ounces              Beef Stock
1 Teaspoon           Fresh Rosemary
½ Ounce               Whole Butter
To Taste                Salt & Black Pepper
To Taste                Parsley, Chopped  

Potato & Vegetable Accompaniment
8 Ounces              Red Bliss Potatoes, Quartered & Blanched 
2 Ounces              Shallots, Sliced
3 Ounces              Sugar Snap Peas
3 Ounces              Carrots, Cut on Bias, ¼”Thick
To Taste                Salt & Black Pepper
To Taste                Parsley, Chopped 
Method of Preparation

Surf & Turf (Filet & Shrimp)
1) Season filet & shrimp on all sides.
2) Heat clarified butter in cast iron pan.
3) Sear filet evenly on both sides, 1-2 minutes per side, transfer to 400 F oven to finish cooking to desired temperature.
4) Heat clarified butter in 8” sauté pan, sear shrimp, and reserve pan for sauce.

          * Transfer shrimp to 400 F oven for 3-4 minutes before plating.

 Sauce for Shrimp
1) Add Asti & lemon juice to the pan the shrimp was seared in & allow to reduce by half.
2) Stir in butter, add scallion, parsley & season to taste
3) Reserve for service.

Sauce for Filet
1) Add merlot & rosemary to a sauce pan & reduce by half.
2) Add stock & reduce by half again.
3) Swirl in butter, parsley, season to taste & reserve for service.

* Remove rosemary before plating.

Potato & Vegetable Accompaniment
1) Heat clarified butter in 10” sauté pan.
2) Add potatoes & allow to cook 1-2 minutes, tossing occasionally. Slight browning will naturally occur.
3) Add shallots & continue cooking for 30 seconds, add carrots & snap peas.
4) Season vegetables & continue to cook until heated thoroughly.

Plating of the Surf & Turf
          1) Place the filet mignon in the center of a heated dinner plate.
          2) Arrange shrimp on top of filet – some may rest next to filet.
          3) Place potato & vegetable accompaniment around “surf & turf”.
          4) Drizzle the two sauce over the “surf & turf” & Enjoy.

Recipe Prepared and Presented By
John J. Hudak Jr., CEC, ACE, AAC  
Executive Chef, Vanderlyn’s Restaurant