Grico’s Restaurant Back in Business

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EXETER -- A popular restaurant in Luzerne County is back in business after recovering from a devastating fire.

Grico’s in Exeter was left gutted by flames in August of 2011 and Friday night the owner held a grand re-opening party.

With the snip of the ribbon, Grico’s restaurant was officially back in business.

The popular eatery in Exeter held a grand re-opening to mark its return, drawing out a crowd that packed into the restaurant, leaving little elbow room.

Many said this is the day they’ve been waiting for since August of 2011.

“This is excellent, this is, it’s beautiful,” said Jim Biehl of Kingston. “I’m a good friend of pat’s for many, many years, I used to bartender here and everything, did some work here obviously for the last couple months for her.”

Grico’s was hit by a devastating fire on August 26, 2011.

Flames gutted the restaurant, destroying much of what was inside.

Owner Pat Greenfield initially thought that the restaurant, which has stood on Wyoming Avenue for 76 years, was done for good.

“I was going to retire, but everybody kept calling and saying you have to reopen, you have to reopen so here I am, and after a year and four months I’m happy to be here, I’m a little numb,” said Greenfield.

To show their appreciation for Greenfield’s hard work in bringing Grico’s back, all the centerpieces on the tables, were floral arrangements sent in by customers.

Rob Sobie even presented Greenfield with a plaque.

“When we first moved to the area, Pat was one of the first people to welcome us and we wanted to bring back a plaque to commemorate tonight and the reopening,” said Sobie.

Greenfield said to get through the recovery she had to hold onto her faith.

To mark that faith, Greenfield invited priests from several Catholic churches.

“We ask you now to bless this restaurant, to bless Pat, to bless her waitresses and staff. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Grico’s will begin officially serving dinner on February 4.