Liz Randol Announces Candidacy for Scranton Mayor

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SCRANTON -- The city of Scranton will have a change in administration in 2014 for the first time in a decade.

Mayor Chris Doherty announced a few weeks back that he won't seek another term, and already, the ballot for this May's primary is filling up.

On May 21, voters in Scranton will select one Republican and one Democrat to run for mayor.

Liz Randol is the first Democrat to make an official announcement.

Randol has never held political office before, and she's originally from Ohio, but she said her differences are her advantage, and her concern for the city she now calls home makes her a good candidate for mayor of Scranton.

"I've been here for 11 years, I count myself as a Scrantonian at this point. So, if there's something I might be able to do, some way that I can contribute and give back to continue the awesome relationships and the fantastic conversations I've had with the people of this city, I think that's a fantastic wonderful opportunity to give back in the best way possible to the city I've fallen in love with," said Randol.

Newswatch 16 met Randol at the offices for Dan Simrell Advertising in Scranton's Hill Section. Randol moved to South Scranton more than a decade ago to work at The University of Scranton.

She's since worked for the state treasurer's office and for Lackawanna County. In 2011, she ran her first political race and just missed becoming a Lackawanna County Commissioner.

Now, Randol is the first to officially announce a run for Scranton Mayor. A seat that's been occupied for 10 years by current Mayor Chris Doherty.

Randol said the city's highly publicized financial problems would be the focus of her administration.

"First and foremost, the finances, making sure we instill confidence in City Hall and we follow the recovery plan, making sure we pay our bills and we live within our means," added Randol.

This mayoral election will be historic because of Randol. She's the first woman to go for the job.

Another Democrat is expected to announce his candidacy for mayor this weekend.

City tax collector Bill Courtright is holding a campaign rally on Sunday. He wouldn't tell Newswatch 16 what the rally is for, but it's widely speculated that he will become a candidate for mayor.

Earlier this week, Marcel Lisi, 24, announced he will run for mayor on the Republican ticket.