Wyo Valley West Diver Collin Vest

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Collin Vest has become a staple on the diving circuit over the last four years since his freshman season in 2010, when he made a big splash with his talent.  Now in his senior year, the only thing that's changed about the kid we've watched grow up is the degree of difficulty in his dives and how he approaches it mentally.

"He is by far matured as a diver when it comes to his ability.  As a diver, you need to know your body. You need to know what position your arm's in, your head is in, your hips, and just to watch him develop over the years, it's an unbelievable change," says Head Coach Bob Jacobs.

What hasn't changed is Coach Jacobs' intensity on practice.  He makes sure Collin gives 100% at all times because there is always room for improvement.  Holding several school and pool records may be impressive, but exceeding those numbers are always top priority.  He even broke one of his own records just two weeks ago!

"Set the bar up high for divers to come and be able to leave my mark.  Our school and pool record, I'm hoping that maybe that will be there for a couple of years, and i know that its going to be somebody that's good that will come in and beat it," says Vest.

Collin has had a decorated career and still has one last season to continue his success.  Win another district title and he could become the first triple a diver in the area to win four consecutive years in a row.  No pressure, right?

""I try to block out pressure because I tend to tense up a lot when I think too much over things and because it's very hard to throw and get the arms through and circle if my shoulders are all tense."

Jacobs continued, "There's been times when we're going nuts on the board and trying to get different dives and different degrees of difficulties, but it's certainly been enjoyable and it's been a pleasure to coach him for 4 years."

Collin hopes his consistency can get the job done at districts so he can reach his goal of medaling at states.

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