Memorial Tree for Connecticut Victims

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TUSCARORA – Volunteers in Schuylkill County are showing support for a Connecticut community in mourning.

Al Koch, a member of the Tuscarora Fire Company in Schuylkill County, made some final adjustments to the community Christmas tree, put up in memory of the victims of the Connecticut school shooting.

"We have to accept what happened and hopefully it will never happen again. It my heart it's wishful thinking, but we're going to deal with the tragedies as they happen," said Koch.

Fire company members have been following the developments and still have trouble understanding the violence.

"The carnage that was done there is unimaginable. What was done to those children, with the size bullets and everything else. Something has to be done. Mental illness has to be treated," said Joe Yescavage, of Tuscarora Fire Company.

Many feel the need to help the victims and their families, but don’t know how. Fire company officials believe the tree is part of the solution.

"So this is how we could best support and anybody who is grieving can use this tree. They can put up a memento and help grieve and heal," said Matt Fees, a member of the Tuscarora Fire Company.

The official lighting of the Christmas tree will be Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. Members of the Tuscarora Fire Company are looking for 20 angels to put on the tree representing the children who were murdered.