Dallas Elementary: To Renovate Or Rebuild

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Should Dallas Elementary be rebuilt or renovated sooner or later? It is the question for Dallas school officials and concerned parents.

Dallas school board officials heard more about possible plans for Dallas Elementary at a meeting Monday night.

A recent review by an architectural company found issues with the 40-year-old building's heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and roof.

"The roofing panels are delaminating and the roof is starting to sag," said Scott Vencil from the company, based in Mechanicsburg.

"They should be ripping it down. The kids don't need that. We have to protect the future generation," said Cathy Sutton of Dallas, who has grandchildren in the building.

There are about 600 students in Dallas Elementary in kindergarten through 5th grades.

The elementary has a wing that was added in the 1990s.

According to the architectural company's review, school officials should renovate the entire elementary school building or just renovate that wing and tear down and rebuild the old part of the building.

The cost could run from about $8 million to $15.5 million.

School officials say they just built a new high school and they do not want to overburden taxpayers with another major project.

"It depends on how we can figure out the funding piece. We have contracts that have to go out. A lot is going to depend on the governor's budget. There's a lot of variables involved," said Superintendent Frank Galicki.

The principal of Dallas Elementary agreed. He said right now there area no immediate safety or health concerns for the students or staff in the building.