Busy Weekend For Small Stores in Danville

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DANVILLE--"Black Friday" was a busy day for big box retailers while "Small Business Saturday" encouraged people to shop local, and spend their money at small stores.

The registers were ringing at Beiter's Department Store in Danville. Owner Tom Beiter says "Black Friday" and "Small Business Saturday" brought in big bucks for his store.

"Sales for Black Friday and Saturday were up over last year which is encouraging," Beiter said.

Beiter says his store has its biggest sale of the year going on to try to compete with large chains. So far, he says it's working.

"We're holding our own, sales-wise. It's tough to compete with all the noise they make over Black Friday but we hold our own," Beiter said.

Many local people say they would rather shop here, knowing their money is going back into the small businesses in their community.

"The big box stores are okay for some things, but I'd rather start right here. I've already gotten a ton of gifts for this year," Leanna Muscato said.

A small business that depends on local shoppers is Stoneware. Owner Todd Jeffreys says the store has been on Mill Street in Danville for almost 30 years--because of support from local shoppers.

"It's been pretty good. I don't have any sales, so it's not like I'm drawing the crowds with big sales, but this starts a very busy time of year," Jeffreys said.

Leanna Muscato says she will continue to support the small stores in Danville.

"I was here Saturday and Sunday and I'm back again today for little things to decorate around the house. This is the place to go," Muscato said.

Both store owners say they are optimistic for big business over the next few weeks, and shoppers say they will keep supporting them.