Students Send Donations to NJ Sandy Victims

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SCHUYLKILL HAVEN -- Efforts to help our neighbors in New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy are still going strong. Thursday, there was another example.

For students, like Maya Throne at St. Ambrose School in Schuylkill Haven, heavy lifting has never been so much fun.

She was one of 11 eighth graders at the school who collected items for Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey.

"We decided the one day that we could really do something about this because they're our next door neighbors, so it's not too far. It's not too much to ask to give them what they needed," said said Maya Throne of Orwigsburg.

Their teachers called Catholic Charities in Camden, New Jersey, and earlier in the week the bleach, blankets and baby supplies started piling up.

"A truck came in, a big truck with a whole load of boxes, and we got another pickup with a ton of trash bags full of stuff," said Patrick Crane of Orwigsburg.

Teachers said the beauty of this collection is that all this came in within two days and two collection periods.

"You just can't take that much damage and expect to have everything waiting," said Crane.

All those donations filled up almost an entire 18-wheeler, making students feel good about helping others.

"That could have been us, and it was just nice to know that people really cared and came together," said Throne.