Restoring What Sandy Took Away

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HAZLETON -- Thousands of crews spread out over our area trying to restore the power Sandy took away.

The effects of Sandy could clearly be seen on Alter Street in Hazleton. A team was restoring power. Nearby, the roof of a garage was on the ground, smashed to pieces.

The men in the utility crew were all from out of state.

“There are a lot of people without power. Baltimore, New York, Connecticut, but hell, we`re going to fix Pennsylvania before we go out there.” Reporter: “So you'll be doing more traveling?” Answer: “Possibly. It depends on when they release us and where they send us, you can never tell,” said Tim Smith of Virginia.

Ira Hickman is from New Mexico. He makes his living working for various power companies.

“It's not exactly storm work, Nevada, California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Maryland, the economy is not real good, and I will take any job I can because I got child support,” said Hickman.  

With thousands of people out of power, the sounds of generators in neighborhoods is a common thing.

“This is the second time I had to use it, and it's a good thing,” said William Ward, storm victim.

Ward lives near McAdoo. He thought Sandy passed him by because he didn`t lose power overnight, but the electricity did go out around midday.

“I thought it would have went out last night. It was three times more windy last night, it was really bad. The house, you could actually feel the house shaking,” said Ward.

It's a safe bet that a lot of people will not soon forget the storm known as Sandy.