Governor Corbett Tours Lowe’s Distribution Center

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- At the Lowe's distribution center near Pittston, Governor Tom Corbett saw firsthand the contributions made by dozens of workers, but they're not just any employees.

At the facility there are 62 workers with special needs. The unemployment rate for people with special needs in Pennsylvania is double that of the state average.

"People in Pennsylvania want to work. Every one of them. Whatever their challenge is, every one of them is entitled to a chance to work," said Governor Corbett.

Governor Corbett toured Lowe's distribution center because the place makes an extra effort to hire people with special needs.  

Chad Guerrero suffers from a debilitating eye condition and found work there four years ago.

"We work harder, longer, faster, better, you name it. You have a drive to support our families. We have pride and that`s all. Give us a shot. We`re not asking for you to give us a job, just give us an opportunity," said Guerrero.

"It`s no different than any other team member. The same standards are expected. The same compensation is given. Everything is the same. We may take a little longer to get them up to speed," said Fred Sampson, Vice President of the Lowe's distribution center.

Governor Corbett hopes his visit will encourage other companies in Pennsylvania to take a look at what Lowe's is doing, and lower that 13% unemployment rate of people with special needs in this state.