Grilled Grouper with Fresh Local Vegetables

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Executive Chef David Troxell at the historic Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem makes us a Grilled Grouper with fresh local squash and leek puree.
Baby Squash
Patty Pan Squash
Florida Black Grouper
Fennel Seed
olive oil
ground pepper

Cut stems off of the squash
Coat squash generously in olive oil
sprinkle on ground pepper
place squash on grill until you get grill marks
flip and grill on other side until you get grill marks

take fennel seed and toast and grind it sprinkle on fish
grill fish on each side to get grill marks (at least 15 minutes total)

When fish is done grilling
Sprinkle fennel
Place a spoon of leek puree on plate
Add grilled squash on top
Place fish over squash and serve

Leek Puree
2 leeks
6 cloves of garlic minced
1 russet potato peeled and medium diced
1/4 cup white wine
2 Tbsp butter
Vegetable stock as needed
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut the green top off of the leeks, put to the side. Slice the white part of the leeks into rings. Rinse thoroughly to get all the dirt off. With the green part blanch in highly salted boiling water then shock in ice water to get a nice green color. Sweat the leeks, garlic in butter. Add the white wine and reduce by half. Add the potatoes then the vegetable till the top is covered. When the potatoes are cook you can start to puree. Add the green top of the leek to the blender to the puree for color and extra flavor. Salt and pepper to taste.

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