Avanti Cigar Moving Out of Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A family business in Scranton that hit its 100th anniversary this year is preparing to make a big move.

Avanti Cigar has been manufacturing at its current spot in Scranton almost 70 years.

But, the company will soon move to the Keystone Industrial Park in Dunmore and occupy part of the old Thompson Consumer Electronics building. That building has been empty for a decade.

Folks at Avanti said they're excited to bring manufacturing back there. Since, after 100 years, they have it down to a science.

Tony Suraci's walked down the halls countless times, coming to work at the cigar factory on North Main Avenue in Scranton for almost 70 years. He oversees the business started by his father in 1912.

"I hope that they would be pleased with it. We're a lot smaller than we were when they were around. But, were still operating," said Suraci.

What started out as Suraci Brothers is now known as Avanti Cigar and is still operating after 100 years, and really not much has changed in the manufacturing process since the 1960's. The same machines still wrap the Italian style cigars.

Soon, that machinery will be packed up and moved out of Scranton. The city where the factory was started so many years ago.

"The place where we are going is a much better facility, it will be better for the people and for us, and we have to move on," added Suraci.

By the end of the year, Avanti Cigar will move its operations to the Keystone Industrial Park in Dunmore and occupy part of the old Thompson Consumer Electronics building.

"The Keystone Industrial Park in Dunmore has taken some setbacks in recent years with either scale backs or move outs from companies there. So, we'd kind of be setting a tone for a manufacturing business moving back in there to that great environment," said manager Dominic Keating.

Members of the Suraci family said the move doesn't mean the Avanti brand will be going away anytime soon. They still ship cigars all over the United States and to Italy.

However, they said it was time to consolidate into a smaller, more efficient, facility.

The owners haven't said what won't change is the way their cigar is made, and the signature taste.

"I think there's a time in every business's life span where it has to adjust to its present situation," added Keating.

Folks at Avanti Cigar said they will be in their new facility in Dunmore by the end of the year. And, for their current factory on North Main Avenue in Scranton, they don't know yet what will happen to that building.