Gearing Up for a Busy Season

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Once noon hits this Saturday the eyes of the college football world will be on Happy Valley. That's when the Nittany Lions will take on Ohio University.

The shelves at McLanahan`s in State College are filled with Penn State t-shirts, jerseys and more. The staff anticipates a big crowd for this weekend`s home opener, which means big business for t-shirt shops.

"People are coming in and buying a lot of flags, t-shirts and it seems like everybody is backing up Penn State. Proud to wear Penn State clothes," said Raymond Agostinelli.

McLanahan`s and The Clothes Line, which is on College Avenue, got in new merchandise this football season.

"Not that we don't have some already, but looking for the latest they have available," said Jerry Pronko.

"I was looking for a new shirt. I have a lot of Penn State shirts, but I wanted a new one. I'm here with my daughter in law and three-year old grandson, so I'm going to get him something for Penn State," said Diane Pencek.

Some of the shirts say "Bill-ieve", for new head football coach Bill O'Brien. This one reads "One Team", to show how the Penn State community has joined together.

"Most of it is things that are positive. We're still proud of the school, football team and the students," said Agostinelli.

If you buy some of this merchandise, some of your money will go toward a good cause. 100% of the proceeds from these t-shirts will go to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

"We'll always bleed blue and white and that's the way it is. I'm prouder now of my university than I ever was," said Pronko.

A lot of this new gear is sure to be on display when the Nittany Lions kick off the 2012 football season at noon.