Push to Get Voters an ID

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Less than three months and counting until election day and the folks at Lycoming County Voter Services are here to help.

As the county's director of elections, Sandy Adams has been taking phone calls, getting emails, and visiting personal care homes, all in an effort to help voters without the proper photo ID get what they need.

"I wanted to make sure they knew they could supply their own ID to residents there. Response was overwhelming," said Adams.

State Representative Rick Mirabito, (D) 83rd district, has been holding a number of information sessions around the Williamsport area.

The Democrat voted against the state's new voter ID law, but says it's important for voters to check now so they can plan to get an ID before November.

"We don't want people waiting until October 31 to say 'oh, I'll check to see I have an ID,'" said Rep. Mirabito.

According to election officials in Lycoming County, the state sent letters to more than 3,000 registered voters in the county who may not have proper ID.

Then again, Adams says some cases could be the result of confusion.

"Some of those may not have had a match with voter registration records and PennDOT. My husband fell in that category," said Adams.

Voters we spoke with at the James V. Brown library said the law could keep some away from the polls, but that there's enough time left to get the word out to everyone.

"People my age range, if they see there are more hoops to jump over to get through, it will deter us from voting," said Natesa Wade, of Williamsport.

"I think it's a good idea, I think they need to get it out there. It's not a scary process to get your ID." said Margaret Schneider, of Nisbet.