Campers Endure Wet Weather for Peach Music Festival

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SCRANTON -- Arguably the biggest concert event at Toyota Pavilion in Scranton is underway right now. The three-day long Peach Music Festival officially kicked off Friday night.

This is the first time Toyota Pavilion has hosted a multi-day music festival at the facility. There are 15,000 people expected there Friday night for the big headliners Zac Brown Band and The Allman Brothers.

And, what's also unique about the concert, many of those people will be camping overnight on Montage Mountain.

The ski slopes of Sno Mountain are substituting as campgrounds this weekend for thousands of concert-goers. Though, the slopes were more like mudslides when many of the campers were arriving.

The campers are here from all over the US for three days of music. And, many said they'd come rain or shine, they just needed to come prepared.

"We've got a ton of ponchos, some galoshes, easy up tents, some tarps," said Kelly Fisher of Baltimore, MD.

"I've got boots, they are essential, and I've got a rain jacket and there's a rain fly on the tent," added Kevlin Kauffman of Philadelphia.

The campers were setting up Friday afternoon and the music started later in the day at Toyota Pavilion and will go through Sunday.

This is the first multi-day music festival at Montage Mountain. But, many of the people there a concert veterans. Like Frank Ratfield of Florida, who attended the mother of all music festivals, Woodstock in 1969. This is his first time on Montage.

"There's room for improvement," Ratfield said.

"It's weird that you can't pull your car up to camp there, they have to ship you in, but that's ok. I understand," added Kauffman.

Officials at Toyota Pavilion are really hoping the fans leave on Sunday pleased. Because, they say they hope fans will come back for more festivals like this in the future.

"We like the bands that are playing, and it's the first time there's a festival here so it's going to be fun," said Shelby Gallagher of Jim Thorpe.

The busiest of the three days is expected to be Friday, with both Zac Brown Band and The Allman Brothers performing. And, officials from Toyota Pavilion say you can still purchase tickets for the shows on Saturday and Sunday.