Cooling Off for Free

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SELINSGROVE -- On a hot day like Thursday a swimming pool was the place to be for a lot of people.

If you live in Selinsgrove and are looking to join a pool, you won't have to dig deep into your wallet to take a dip.

Selinsgrove is giving back to its residents by offering some free pool memberships.

The borough donated money to the pool for renovations. In exchange, the pool will offer free memberships for dozens of people.

Sky Weir and Alexis Potter usually spend their summer days at their homes in Selinsgrove, but now the girls plan to spend lots of time at the Selinsgrove pool for free! The girls found out that some free pool memberships are available.

“It was amazing when I first found out about it my mom was like 'Sky, hurry up so we can go and get it so now.' We're excited to come here,” said Weir.

The borough office was busy with people coming to claim a free pool membership. Thirty family memberships, 30 individual and 20 senior citizen memberships are available for this summer only through funding from a trust fund that benefits Selinsgrove.

“The response has been very good so far. We have a number of memberships to give away and we look forward to giving them all out so people can cool off and enjoy the last few weeks the pool is still open,” said Paul Williams, Selinsgrove Borough Manager.

Potter said a pool membership is something she would not normally be able to afford.

“My mom is a single mom and basically supports me by herself,” said Potter.

The free memberships are really going to help people financially. It costs $245 for a family to join the Selinsgrove pool and $125 for an individual.

“Normally I'm by myself all day because my mom works full time. My friend lives across the street, and I called her and said they are giving away free passes so we got them together,” said Potter.

“I'm going to try to come to the pool as much as I can with my little brother and Lexi and have a good rest of the summer,” said Weir.

The free passes are available for people who live in Selinsgrove. They'll be given out at the borough office on a first come, first served basis.

Selinsgrove officials hope that people who take advantage of the free passes this summer will buy pool memberships next summer.