Holy Cross Military Appreciation Night

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It was senior night for the Holy Cross softball team and with the season winding down, it was time to look to the future.

For senior outfielder Maggie Kuchinski, it was an opportunity to wear one uniform before she trades it in for another.

Kuchinski's teammates were put in service before Maggie serves her country.

Holy Cross senior softball player Maggie Kuchinski joined her new team during a ceremony at Saint Anthony's Field in Dunmore to honor our military. After graduation, Maggie heads to Fort Jackson in South Carolina to start her career in the Army.

"'Why did you join the military?' Everybody's asked me that. I really don't know why. I feel like I should pay it back. I feel like almost everyone should do some kind of service for the country. I definitely want to do the most I can," said Maggie.

She threw out the ceremonial fist pitch to retired marine corporal Rudy Kasarda who served this country from 1956 to 1962. Seeing youngsters like Maggie commit their life to the service gives him a sense of pride.

"That's great, that's great. I would like to see more of that happen. She is a good kid. She's a strong kid, sharp kid, and I think she's tough enough. I tease her I said 'join the Marines," said Kasarda.

Besides honoring Maggie for her decision to join the Army Reserves, the event at St. Anthony's also honored past, present and future service personnel.

"I travel a lot. I'm in airports a lot and I see a lot of soldiers and it always strikes me, you know, what they've given up for our country, for in order for us to have a softball team, play softball, for these young kids and this girl comes with the idea she's going to be a future soldier, and she's going to be someone who carries on so future kids can play, and I just thought it was a nice idea," said X.E. McAndrew.

Hannah Tuffy from Lakeland starts active duty with the Army July 2 at West Point. She wanted to show her support for Maggie.

"It's such an honor to just support her and everybody else that was honored. It's such an honor to be part of something so great," said Hannah Tuffy.

"It's sad that it's over being a senior. I'm going to miss everything I do, but I will take everything with me everything I learned," again said Maggie.