Langston Northern Stroudsburg Sprinter

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The 100 meter dash takes perfect timing in the beginning, an acceleration in the middle, and lift in the end. Langston Northern the senior from Stroudsburg possesses all three qualities, and holds the school record
10.6 seconds in this event.

"I have to just focus on my start. If I have a good start then I know I have the speed to beat the rest of my opponents. So I just focus on my starts. That's the main thing I am really focused on," said Langston Northern.

"He knows he needs to work on the blocks more and he is doing that. He is working harder to become even better and he has a big chip on his shoulder right now which is really good. He has a lot of confidence to win the 100, 200 and the 4 x 100," said Jim Miller.

Right now Langston Northern is probably the fastest kid here in District 11. The senior from Stroudsburg is still looking for his first district title, and has built some confidence recently. Langston won the 100 and 200 meter dash at the Allen invitational against the fastest kids in AA and AAA here in District 11.

"It's really getting a lot better my senior year because like I'm used to it now. No more nerves like I used to have my junior and sophomore year. I'm just going out focused about the race and everything is just falling thru," again said Langston.

Along with the school record in the 100 Langston is part of the record setting 4 x 100 team. Their 42.2 second time is #1 in school history.

"He seems like a pretty quiet kid. Talk about him a little bit and what's he like to be around? He is very quiet. You turn around he is gone. Your there talking next thing he is right behind you. He's got a nice little sense of humor. Every now and then in might come out," again said Jim.

Langston says if he has the focus, determination, and a solid week of practice he should be good, and good enough to bring home several gold medals.