Bears invade the WNEP Backyard during the 11 p.m. Newscast

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Seconds before meteorologist Kurt Aaron was to deliver the weathercast from the WNEP Backyard Monday night, a mama bear and three cubs decided they would hang out in the Backyard instead. Watch what unfolded during WNEP's 11 p.m. newscast.

The "Backyard Bears" appear on the Colbert Report on 5/7/12.
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From CNN: Newswatch 16's own Trish Hartman discusses our backyard "visitors" on CNN's "Early Start".

From the blog ABC News Blogs: Two truisms of television — never work with animals and you never know what to expect on live TV — combined to send a Pennsylvania weatherman fleeing for his safety as thousands of viewers watched. Kurt Aaron, meteorologist for ABC affiliate WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pa.,... see the Good Morning America video here.

Here's our video on ABC's World News Now.

Below is a clip of some of our best bear video.

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